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Aetna is now one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies. They have also made significant strides in the Medicare Supplement market in recent years. Aetna Medicare Supplements are offered under the names Aetna Health & Life Insurance Company, Aetna Continental Life, and American Continental. And now, Aetna Medicare Supplements are offered in most states nationwide.

As an increasingly viable option for Medigap coverage, Aetna plans offer several benefits that you should be aware of if you are comparing Medicare Supplement plans.

1. Aetna Medicare Supplements: Federally-Standardized Medigap Coverage

All Medicare Supplement plans, including Aetna Medicare Supplements, must go by the Medigap coverage chart. This just means that the coverage is the same from company to company, making price the primary comparison factor that you need to consider.

In other words, a Plan G with Aetna is the exact same as a Plan G with United Healthcare or Blue Cross or Mutual of Omaha or anyone else. They provide the exact same benefits and work the exact same way.

Additionally, all Medicare Supplement plans pay claims through the Medicare “crossover” system. This is Medicare’s standardized, electronic system for handling claims. It ensures that your claims are paid on the same time schedule and in the same amount, regardless of what company insures you. It also provides further backing to the importance of comparing plans on price, since coverage and claims payments are standardized.

2. Aetna Medicare Supplements: No Networksdoctor sees Aetna Medicare patient

Just like any of the other Medicare Supplement plans, Aetna plans do not have a network that you must stay within. You can go to any doctor or hospital that takes Medicare nationwide. Medicare is your primary coverage, so as long as a doctor takes that, he or she will take your Aetna Medicare Supplement plan.

Note that you will see lists of Medicare plans that a doctor’s office “accepts” and does not accept. These are NOT Medicare Supplements. They are either group plans through an employer or Medicare Advantage plans. Do not confuse the two – Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage – as they are very different: READ MORE. And, Medicare Advantage plans, including Aetna Medicare Advantage plans, do have networks.

3. Aetna Medicare Supplements: Competitive Pricing

With everything about Medicare Supplement plans being standardized, that really just leaves pricing as the primary factor that you need to compare when you are considering plans. Aetna Medicare Supplements are often very competitively priced in most markets where they are offered. They typically come in as one of the lowest priced options, and since they are a highly rated, reputable company should certainly be part of your consideration of supplement plan options.

Moreover, in many states, Aetna offers a 5-12% household discount, which can make their rates even lower for spouses applying together.

4. Aetna Medicare Supplements: Customer-Friendly Technology

Aetna has been innovating and growing in the last several years as their Medicare Supplement market share has expanded. They have been and are at the forefront of the Medicare Supplement market, as far as technology, offering a customer-access website and easy-to-use electronic application process.

While this may not be as important to everyone, if you are researching your Medicare Supplement decision online, it may very well be something that is important to you.

Should I Get an Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan?

There’s really no easy, straight-forward answer to this question. The real answer is “It depends”. While Aetna is a great company with typically-competitive rates, the exact rates for Medicare Supplement plans depend on your age, zip code, gender, and in some cases, health. So, what are the Aetna rates for your specific situation?

To find out if Aetna is a top option for your specific situation (or compare it to all the other options in your area), you can call us at 877.506.3378 or get a Medicare Supplement comparison online.

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