Can I Keep My Medicare Supplement If I Move?

Can you keep your Medicare supplement if you are moving to a new state? This is one of the more commonly asked questions that pertains to Medicare supplement insurance. So, what steps do you need to take if you are moving to a new state?

First and foremost, the bottom line is that, yes, you can keep the same Medicare Supplement plan if you move to a new state. Medicare Supplement plans are national plans – they all provide the same coverage and can be used anywhere in the country.

When you move, it is important to contact the company that you have your Medicare Supplement with to change/update your address with them. But you do not have to change your plan specifically.

Although you don’t have to change your plan, it may make sense to do so if the premiums are lower in your new location. Get a list of the rates and company ratings for your new location.

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