CIGNA Medicare Supplements

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CIGNA Medicare Supplements are becoming one of the leaders in the Medicare Supplement marketplace in recent years. They offer the standardized Medigap plans at competitive rates and have a track record of stability. Let’s talk about what they cover and how they work.

CIGNA Medicare Supplements: What Do They Cover?CIGNA Medicare Supplements

CIGNA’s Medicare Supplement plans go by the regular standardized Medigap coverage chart (there are a few states that are exceptions – MN, WI, and MA). This means that CIGNA’s Medicare Supplement plans can be compared very easily – “apples to apples” – with Medicare supplement plans from other insurance companies.

For example, a Plan G with CIGNA is the exact same as a Plan G with a different insurance company. Plan G is one of the three most common Medicare Supplement plans (and Plan G is often the best “deal”). We’ve explained those plans below:

Plan G: Usually the best “deal”. Plan G fills in the “gaps” in Medicare with the exception of the Medicare Part B deductible, which is $198/year (for 2020). Plan G pays the Medicare coinsurance (20%) and fills in the other gaps in Medicare.

Plan F: Plan F is the “Cadillac” of Medicare Supplement plans. It pays everything that Medicare Parts A and B do not cover. It is, of course, also the most expensive Medicare Supplement plan. CIGNA has had very competitive rates over the last few years for people looking specifically for that plan – often, they are the lowest priced Plan F in the market. You are not eligible for Plan F if you turned 65 after 1/1/2020.

Plan N: Plan N began in 2010, but it has really gained traction in the last few years as a viable alternative. On Plan N, you do have some more out of pocket costs, but premiums are lower than on Plan G or Plan F. The “gaps” in Medicare that Plan N does not fill are:
– Part B deductible ($198/year in 2020)
– Co-pays ($20 at doctor’s office and $50 at emergency room)
Part B Excess charges (this is when a doctor does not accept Medicare “assignment” and does not occur regularly)

CIGNA Medicare Supplements: How Do They Work?doctor sees CIGNA Medicare patient

CIGNA Medicare Supplements work just like any other Medicare Supplement plan. They work with Medicare and act as secondary insurance to Medicare (which is primary coverage). They can be used at any doctor or hospital nationwide that takes Medicare. To reiterate, there are no networks with Medicare Supplement plans.

When you go to the doctor with a CIGNA Medicare Supplement plan, you present your red, white and blue Medicare card as well as your CIGNA Medicare Supplement card. The doctor’s office files the claim to Medicare, which pays its portion while simultaneously coordinating payment through the Medicare “crosswalk” from the supplement provider. This happens automatically and electronically without any involvement on the part of the insured person except in rare or unusual instances.

Approximately two or three weeks after a doctor visit, you will receive two separate documents in the mail – an “Explanation of Benefits” from Medicare and an “Explanation of Benefits” from CIGNA. Those documents state who paid what. If you have a Plan G or a Plan N, you will also receive, shortly thereafter, a bill from the medical provider for your portion of the charges (unless you have Plan G and have already met the deductible for the year).

Are CIGNA Medicare Supplements Reliable?

CIGNA Medicare Supplements are as reliable as any other Medicare supplement provider, as far as claims payments and the way they work. All of the plans pay through this Medicare “crossover” system, which means that they pay claims on the same time schedule and in the same amount. help with CIGNA Medicare Supplements

CIGNA is an ‘A’ rated (by AM Best) insurance company and one of the larger providers of Medicare Supplement plans nationally. As such, they are certainly a viable option for anyone searching for Medicare Supplement coverage.

As always, it is crucial to compare the Medicare Supplement rates when you are considering plans, as rates can vary considerably from company to company even for the exact same coverage that works the exact same way.

How Do I Get CIGNA Medicare Supplement Prices?

Getting prices for CIGNA Medicare Supplements is easy to do. There are several ways to do it. One, you can call CIGNA directly to get the rates. Or you can use an independent Medicare broker (whether it is us or someone else).

Using an independent broker does not cost you anything; however, it gives you the advantage of being able to compare all the plans in a centralized place and make an informed, unbiased choice. Then, after you choose a plan, using a broker also gives you the advantage of having a direct representative to answer any questions or provide service on your plan. If you want to get a list of the plans in your area, you can contact us online here to request that via email.