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As an independent agency, we provide Medicare Supplement quotes and a comprehensive Medicare supplement comparison of the plans in your zip code. Many companies do not allow Medicare Supplement quotes to be published online – the comparison is delivered by email within a few minutes.

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Your request will go, securely, to one person at one company ( As a brokerage, we work with all of the companies so that you can compare rates. There are plenty of other web sites out there whose only mission is to obtain your information for Medicare Supplement quotes and sell it to many agents who will call, email, write (maybe even show up at your house!) with the same exact plans and rates. However, at, we respect your privacy and your ability to make your own comparisons and decision. We’ll provide all the information and quotes (by email) and let you compare all of the options in your zip code. See terms and conditions.

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Medicare Supplement Quotes: The Secret To Shopping Online

Getting Medicare Supplement quotes online is easy to do. Just throw your information out there, sit back, and wait for the information/quotes to roll in, right? Sure, you can do it that way. However, there is a way to do it without being bombarded by agent phone calls, pushy sales pitches, and spam.

You see, most Medicare supplement websites are after one thing – your information. Then, they turn around and sell this information to the highest bidder (usually around $10-15 each) to a “lead company” that then re-sells your information to “no more than 3 agents” (what they mean by no more than 3 agents is, “we sell it to as many people as we possibly can”). But, there is another way. Proceed with caution when requesting Medicare supplement quotes. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to making sure you are going to get the information you want without the high cost of invasion or privacy.

  1. First and foremost, it is difficult, if not impossible, to get Medicare supplement rates online. Most companies do not allow this information to be published. If it is published, it is highly possible that it is not up to date. So, requesting quotes, or a quote comparison, online is a necessity.
  2. The key is how you request these quotes and who you request them from. If a company doesn’t allow you to receive the quotes by email exclusively (requires a valid phone number and doesn’t say they will send them by email), then they may be going to re-sell your information.
  3. You should be able to find a company phone number and address on the website to ensure that this business is not an “Internet-only” business that is simply a re-seller of information.
  4. See if you can determine if the website is an independent insurance brokerage or simply a quote-gathering website.

In short, independent insurance brokerages are a great way to acquire quotes and sign up for Medicare Supplement plans. They allow you to compare all quotes in a centralized place and make an unbiased choice. The key is determining which website belongs to an independent agent or agency and which belongs to a lead-seller. That way, you can get the quotes that you want without paying the price of privacy.

Shopping for a Medicare Supplement Online

To get Medicare Supplement quotes from a variety of companies, shopping for a Medicare Supplement plan online is the wave of the future. In fact, it’s the wave of right now, with ever-increasing numbers of Medicare-age individuals going online for quotes and information. Comparing plans this way is easy to do because you can do it in the comfort of your own home and on your own time. This does not require you to make hasty decisions or feel pressured by a salesperson.

While comparing Medicare Supplement options, doing it this way is certainly advisable; however, there are a few things to remember in order to make sure that you make an informed, thorough decision.

  1. First and foremost, keep in mind that, regardless of who you purchase a supplement from, the price is going to be the same. Brokers/agents cannot charge you an additional fee for using them. Likewise, the insurance company does not charge more if you go directly through the company. With this in mind, you can compare without the fear that you are paying more than you should be for a plan.
  2. Plans are completely standardized so there is no difference from one company to another on a “like” plan. This makes it easy to compare “apples to apples”, so to speak. For example, a Plan F with Mutual of Omaha is the exact same as a Plan F with AARP (United Healthcare). And, those Plan F’s are the exact same as Plan F’s from Blue Cross or anyone else you are comparing. With that in mind, price is the primary comparison point, along with the reputation of the company.
  3. There are some distinct advantages to using a brokerage to compare your options. As previously mentioned, rates are the same regardless of whether you have an agent or not. With that in mind, there are some clear-cut advantages to having an agent versus not having one. First of all, an agent can help you compare options from all of the companies that do plans for your area. Secondly, an agent is a ready reference if you have any questions about the application process or your policy (after it is in effect). Third and possibly most important, an agent can help you re-evaluate your options at a later time if you are ever dissatisfied with your current policy. If you sign up directly with the company, they obviously have no incentive to assist you in comparing other options like an agent does.

Overall, comparing your options for a Medicare Supplement plan is easy to do and should not be something that you allow to overwhelm or intimidate you. There are plenty of options and resources online that can assist you in this process, and you should certainly be with an agency/brokerage and insurance company that you personally feel completely comfortable with.

Medicare Supplement Insurance: The Three Most Important Things to Know

Medicare Supplement insurance is insurance that is designed to work with Medicare. It fills in the “gaps” in “original” Medicare, which is comprised of Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. There are 10 different Medigap plan designs, each of which fills in the gaps in Medicare to a different extent. The top level plan is Medigap Plan F – this plan pays everything that Medicare itself doesn’t cover at the doctor and hospital. Other plans, including Plan G and Plan N, are lower-tier plans, which are very common and still provide great coverage of the Medicare gaps.

The most important thing to know about Medigap plans is that they are standardized. This means that three very significant things are the same with each company and plan:

  1. First and foremost, the coverage is the same with “like” plans. For example, one Plan F is the exact same as another Plan F from a different company. This makes comparing different companies easy to do.
  2. Secondly, claim payments are all paid through the Medicare “crossover” system. This system is designed to eliminate patient involvement in the claims process, and except in very rare circumstances, you will not have to do anything in the claims process, regardless of which company insures you. All claims are paid timely and efficiently through this Medicare system.
  3. Lastly, doctor acceptance is the same with all Medicare supplement plans. Regardless of the company or plan, you can go to any doctor or hospital nationwide that takes Medicare. If they take Medicare, they are required to take the standardized Medigap plans.

Because these three things are standardized with all plans, you should closely compare Medicare Supplement quotes based on price and company reputation. Since these are the two factors that vary from plan to plan, these are the most important factors to consider in your comparison.

Medigap Plans vs. Medicare Supplements

Medigap is another name for Medicare Supplements. The two terms are one and the same.

Both terms refer to the plan that someone on “original Medicare” purchases from a private company to fill in the “gaps” in Medicare and pay the coinsurance, co-pays and deductibles that Medicare doesn’t cover.

One thing that 85% of those over 65 have in common is that they agree that Medicare coverage, by itself, is not sufficient medical insurance for someone in that age bracket. The largest concern for most is the 20% coinsurance at the doctor and hospital that Medicare doesn’t cover. That coinsurance amount has no maximum limit. In other words, it is 20% of your total medical costs, even if that total cost is hundreds of thousands of dollars. The most significant purpose of a Medicare Supplement plan is to limit that exposure and prevent catastrophic medical costs in a way that is predictable and easy to use.

Medicare Supplement Chart

The “Medicare Supplement chart” is the chart that shows the 10 Federally-standardized Medicare Supplement plans.

If you have done much comparing Medigap plans or getting quotes from various companies, you most likely, have seen this chart. The Medicare Supplement chart shows exactly what each Medicare Supplemnet plan covers in an easy-to-understand format.

Once you understand the chart, you can compare Medicare Supplement quotes and make an informed decision about the best plan for you.

You may see different formats/layouts for the chart, but the information is the same. You can see the Medicare Supplement chart below: (Get rates and customized quotes for Medicare Supplement plans shown on chart)

medicare supplement coverage chart

Medicare Supplement Rates

Medicare Supplement rates vary greatly from company to company, despite the fact that the coverage is standardized. Companies set their own rates for supplement plans. When you compare quotes, you will notice that they differ tremendously.

Medicare Supplement rates are determined by several factors, including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Tobacco Usage
  • Zip Code

Last but not least, companies set their rates, just like anything else on the free market, however they want (the rates DO have to be approved by state department of insurance in most cases). With some companies, it is possible that you are paying more, not for extra insurance (coverage is standardized, remember) but for the name recognition of the company itself. That’s why it is essential to do a full comparison of quotes for all plans in your zip code to make sure that are not padding an insurance company’s pockets for equal coverage at your own expense.

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The Easy Way to Compare Medigap Quotes

To compare Medigap quotes, the majority of people use a qualified brokerage. A brokerage can do all the work for you – here are a few of the many advantages to using a qualified brokerage:

  • Brokers have access to quotes from all companies in your specific area.
  • A brokerage generally has clients already with most of the companies that you are comparing so they can give you, in addition to the quotes themselves, first-hand experience based on feedback from those current clients.
  • Brokers save you a tremendous amount of time. Without a way to compare plans in a centralized place, your only alternative to “shop” plans is to make individual phone call to the companies in your area.
  • Once you are enrolled in the plan, speaking on behalf of Medicare Supplement Comparison atleast, a broker can be a ready resource for you on all things Medicare and Medicare insurance related. We provide a quarterly newsletter with Medicare and Medicare insurance news updates, as well as an annual plan review and assistance with Medicare Part D.
  • If you ever have a problem with your plan (not likely since all plan coverage, claim payments, etc is standardized), you can call your broker directly to assist with it, rather than calling an 800 number at the company, where you will, more than likely, sit on hold for a period of time.
  • Best of all, this does not cost you any more than you would regularly pay for your insurance. Insurance is one of the few industries that does not allow a salesperson (or broker, in this case) to charge any additional fees or charges to the consumer. So, a brokers service and quote comparison is free to you. In reality, you are paying for it whether you use it or not, since insurance companies have to build in broker compensation, as an administrative cost, in the cost of their insurance.

So, when can you enroll in a Medigap plan? Are there certain enrollment periods?

Contrary to popular belief, Medigap plans do not have an enrollment period. In fact, you can enroll in Medigap plans at any time of the year. Many people mistakenly think that, because Part C (Medicare Advantage) and Part D (Medicare prescription drug coverage) have an enrollment period, Medigap plans do also. However, Medigap plans are available year-round.

The companies may require that you pass medical underwriting to be able to switch to their plan. This makes it even more important to compare all options in the beginning and choose a good plan. If your health changes for the worse later, you want to ensure that your Medicare Supplement coverage is going to be there when you need it. And, you want to ensure that the rate you are paying is a competitive one, so you don’t have to worry about consistently hunting out Medicare Supplement quotes and switching plans.