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New Era Medicare Supplement Plans

New Era Medicare Supplements are a great option in some parts of the United States for Medicare Supplement insurance. They are very competitively priced and can be a great alternative to paying for the “brand” on higher-priced Medicare supplements. As you probably already know, Medicare Supplement plans are Federally-standardized, so each company offers the exact same coverage plans. This makes price the primary comparison point.

Some of the states that New Era Medicare Supplements are sold in currently are: South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Texas, and many others. In each of these states that they operate in, they are one of, if not THE, lowest price plans available. Keep in mind, again, that Medicare Supplement coverage is standardized from company to company so there is no variation in the coverage with a “like” plan (i.e. one Plan ‘F’ is the exact same as another Plan ‘F’).

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New Era Medicare Supplements – What Plans are Offered?new era medicare supplements

As reiterated above, all Medicare Supplements provide the standardized Medigap coverage, including New Era’s plans. There are several options to choose from (see below). To see a full chart that shows what all of the Medicare Supplement plans cover, go to: Medigap coverage chart. New Era offers several of the standardized plans in each state. Below reflects which plans are offered in most states (can vary slightly from state to state, depending on state requirements – contact us for exact information about which plans are offered in your state).

As most companies do, New Era offers the Medigap Plan F, which is the most common and comprehensive Medigap plan. With this plan, there are no out of pocket co-pays, deductibles or coinsurance at the doctor or hospital.
They also offer Medigap Plan G. This plan does not cover the Medicare Part B deductible ($183/year for 2017); however, it has lower premiums and is, in many cases, a better value than the Medigap Plan F.
New Era Medicare Supplements also offer Medicare Supplement Plan N, which is the newest Medicare Supplement plan. This plan has some small cost-sharing ($20 doctor’s office co-pay, $50 emergency room co-pay) in exchange for lower premiums. Additionally, it doesn’t cover the Medicare Part B deductible, which is $183  for the year 2017.

Who is New Era Insurance Company?Seniors with Medigap stretching

New Era Insurance Company is a reputable company and has actually been in business almost 100 years. They were incorporated in 1924. They are part of a family of companies, which also includes Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company and New Era Life Insurance Company of the Midwest. They are headquartered in Houston, Texas. New Era is currently rated ‘B++’ by A.M. Best, which is an independent agency that rates insurance companies. This puts them in the “Secure” group of companies.

If I Want More Information about New Era Medicare Supplements, What Is My Next Step?

Although many people do not realize this, you can actually sign up for a Medicare Supplement plan (any plan) any time of the year. There are no special enrollment periods – this only applies to Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans. So, if you wish to consider a New Era Medicare supplement insurance plan, whether you are turning 65 or just looking to save some money on a higher-priced plan, contact us. We recommend getting a full rate quote comparison of plans available for your age and zip code (from New Era and the other companies that operate in your area), and as an independent agency, we can provide that information.

To get quotes on the plan or more information, go to New Era Medicare supplement quotes or you can reach us by phone toll-free at 877.506.3378.

We look forward to helping you compare plans and serving your Medicare Supplement insurance comparison needs.