What Sets Us Apart

Why Choose Medicare-Supplement-Comparison.com

Medicare-Supplement-Comparison.com is a leading, independent resource for Medicare Supplement comparisons and quotes. There are hundreds of websites out there, trying to get you to “fill out their form”. There are four things that differentiate Medicare-Supplement-Comparison.com, however, and make us worthy of your business.

  1. First and foremost, your request goes, securely, to one person at one company (M-S-C.com). As a brokerage, we work with all of the companies so that you can compare. The majority of the sites, even if they seem like an actual agency, collect the information then sell it to third parties who resell it as a “lead”. We are in the business of selling and servicing Medicare Supplements NOT selling leads.
  2. Second, we do not shy away from Medicare Part D. Sure, this is the most complicated part of Medicare. It is troublesome and time-consuming for most people going on Medicare, as well as agents. However, we offer help in this area as a service to Medicare Supplement clients. We use our computer software to compare plans, based on your medications, then point you in the right direction to help you get signed up with the company that covers your medications most thoroughly. Even though we don’t make a dime off of this 90% of the time, we do it as a service that we know sets us apart from other agents.
  3. The next thing that sets us apart from other agencies or agents is our frequent client communication. Most agents “set it and forget it” with their Medicare Supplement clients, but we keep you “in the know” on Medicare and Medicare Supplement changes with a periodic updates. Included in this is information about new laws and regulations that affect your coverage, information on new companies that are in your area, and information on ways to reduce your health care costs.
  4. Lastly, we offer an annual policy/rate review. Again, this is not typical in our industry – the trend is to keep finding new clients. However, we believe that, to keep our clients happy, we must always put their needs first. That means, if your rate goes up, you’ll hear from us. Sometimes, there won’t be a better option, but sometimes, there will. And if there is, we’ll be there to help you with it.

We look forward to helping you compare plans and serving your Medicare Supplement insurance comparison needs.